Sunday, 14 February 2016

the shoe that stole my heart

I'm writing to you from Valentines day where I find myself in bed alone, boyfriend 400 miles away and the retail emails flooding in with offers only leading me to one thing, online shopping. Of course, interning full time in London I have found no time to shop but only look in awe to the fashion forward women of Shoreditch high street. Every shoe style known to man treads up and down the East London borough daily, from the 90s Forest Gump Cortez to thigh high Stuart Weitzman, but my hero brand every time can be found elegantly poised on the best dressed women. Columbian born Edgardo Osorio takes the lead with Aquazzura.


Look to Aquazurra's website where their SS16 collections reign in beautiful colour order in strappy, pointed toe perfection, a girls best friend when working to elongate anyones pins. Able to shop at Net-A-Porter and Matches Fashion where the best-of collections include brightly coloured, pom-pom ridden stilettos and my favourite mid heel blocked pumps.
While I cannot bare to remember my bank situation, it does not appeal to Aquazzura prices. But never fear, the high street is here (as always with cheapy knock-off replicas). River Island have made some very fairly priced Alexa and Christy dupes and Zara have gone lace-up crazy in their new season.

Fair to say, Aquazzura has been unleashed and has revolutionised the SS16 'IT' shoe. I'm holding out for a wave of high street wonders but if you choose to treat yourself this VDay, say hello to your gift from you to you.

Happy Valentines X

Carrousel clockwise from top: Topshop £46 / River Island £35 / Aquazzura £415, £530 / 
Zara £39.99 / Aquazzura £670. Above: Aquazzura £445  

Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Mom, I'm wearing your jeans

Writing in what feels like forever feels like an achievement. I have suffered a mind blank. Around mid summer I passed into an empty mind field where my brain only managed programme for pattern cutting, Illustrator and Photoshop, which left little room for spare creativity. Thinking about my poor neglected blog on the busy commute into work this morning, ideas began firing through my brain. Jotting them urgently into my phone like a crazed Angry Birds fan, so I wouldn’t suffer another episode of no brain for days, I am ready to blog once more!

For some time the reference to Mom jeans has been noted amongst Pandora’s column, praising their comfort and versatility. Hunting down my own Mom jeans is a different, difficult story when as some might call my ‘petite frame’ is not so averagely or real size petite. My thighs are a 10, calves a 6, and waist a non-existent 25½”. Before sourcing my own I imagined jean queens, Gigi Hadid or Cara Delevingne and cringed imagining my half sized pins slipping into too long, baggy styles. Nevertheless, one that doesn’t try will never know.
Like most successful shopping trips of mine I buy when completely unplanned and mostly unfinanced (the student loan does wonders). I found my perfect Mom jeans from Topshop’s non-petite range in dark denim, an affordable £36 with student discount, a 26” waist and 30” leg did me dandy. The fit hugs my stomach comfortably so that I can breath but look to tuck it in when I’ve eaten too much. Legs are elongated by the tapered shape and turning up from my ankle and partnered with pointed flats works your legs a dream. I do however suffer pancake bum syndrome, which, I had to explain to my boyfriend is when my derriere is almost non-existent so resembles a flat pancake. This only a minor set-back when the ultimate turnout is ideal dressed down with trainers or pumps or jazzed up for an evening with mid heel laced court shoes, my favourite Aquazurra - totally out of budget but waiting for the high street heroes. Wear with cropped jumpers and leather jacket or dare to do 90s double denim.

I’ve gotten to the point I’m worried my office will not think I own anything else, the intern that had her suitcase stolen and all she was wearing was her Mom jeans. Try them and see, your legs will breathe a sigh of relief as they slip into something so comfortable but yet so stylish. We thank you Mom.

Monday, 31 August 2015

VMA 2015 - best of news and fashion

Another year has flown by and the highly anticipated and highly adored awards show is back. In its 32nd year the awards is now older than many of its contestants, but nevertheless the contestants are still on top form. Whether it be Nikki Minaj and Miley Cyrus having it out live across two platforms or Kanye West announcing he will be running for President of the United States in 2020. - Actions speak louder then words Kanye, but safe to say we cannot wait for that year.

So many pivotal moments in music history have happened around the VMAs. Back in the day when technology wasn't quite there, I remember watching back the 'best of' on our home computer only to have someone 'accidently' pull out the wifi cable and wait for it to reboot for 30 minutes. From then until now controversy surrounds the awards like a bubble and here are my best moments -

In 2003, Madonna made out with Britney
2009 - Kanye stole Taylor Swifts best video award moment
2010 - Lady Gaga wore the meat dress
2011 - Beyonce defied haters in throwing her mic and revealing her baby bump
2013 - Beyonce made the best 'I'm back' performance EVERR
         and Miley Cyrus took controversy to a whole new level #twerk
2015 - Cyrus presents the VMAs with 11 outfit changes

As years have progressed not only artists have graced the awards but now tv personalities, models, actors and designers.
2015 has been standout as the greatest so far, and here are my favourite looks :

From Top clockwise - Lily Aldridge / Chrissy Teigen / Kourtney Kardashian / 
Nicki Minaj / Vanessa Hudgens / Gigi Hadid

Happy Bank Holiday and until next year VMAs !

Thursday, 23 July 2015

summer sale extravaganza

So I think its pretty official that Summer has arrived, whether in the UK you are battling wind and rain with the occasional 20 odd degrees or across seas bathing in 30+ I think we all know this is as good as its going to get.

Working in retail and at a restaurant my hours really do not cater to good weather. I could be stuck in a sticky shop all day, feet swelling in my Russell & Bromleys, legs glued as I quoted "as if in a permanent vacuum" to my jeans. Or I could spend the whole day in a garden or beach with friends only to be faced with the thought of work that evening. I can't win !

In-between my dodgy hours I have sourced the ever growing sales in stores and found some key summer pieces that I am so pleased with and can't wait to share with you! If the day calls for some sun spread with rain and wind I slide into my white skinnies from Warehouse or River Island culottes for night. If the weather decides to play all day I slip into a light floral gypsy number from Zara and my white pool slides from Office online, which my mum can't believe I bought as she calls them "grannies shoes" - they most definitely are not.
Also to add, one crochet kaftan from Hollister and two OPI goodies from Fenwick's sort of sale (20% off beauty), a rosey/ orange and a shimmery pearl. Both ideal for tans.
Props to my sister who once said "if you find yourself in a Primark sale you are in a bad place", this is exactly where I ended up. But a few £2 tops later and I have myself a quick fold up turban and the odd beach tee, because for £2, sun cream and lolly stains are ok.

Kaftan, Holliser £15 / OPI £8 each / Culottes, River Island £15 / Shoes, Office £14
/ Jeans, Warehouse £25 / Dress, Zara £15

Prices and stock may vary and could possibly have gone down further! Plus, Office and Warehouse offer student discount on top of sale! Happy shopping

Thursday, 11 June 2015

sparkle in these top 4 beauty buys

Every girl goes through small obsessions, clothes, shoes, bags… mine is now make up.
Recently I have only focused on improving my makeup methods as very slowly I have expanded my collection and each new item I buy improves things even more. So through a lot of trial and error I have concluded the TOP 4 make up buys that you need to get this summer!

No one wants to be sat on a sun bed dripping in thick and sticky makeup but still wants to glisten as you work on your tan. These products will help you highlight and glow in the summer sun.

Circle this around your upper cheek bone after applying a light foundation, smudge with your fingers.

Apply a little or a lot after foundation. Lighten under eye, the end of your nose to in-between your eyebrows and middle of chin.

Use the white wax end to control eyebrow shape and draw in colour with the opposite end.

A small pump of this good stuff can go on both cheeks and your body in circular motions to highlight. It quickly sets so apply fast and lightly.

Sunday, 7 June 2015

slow down sundays visiting The Canteen

With Sunday finally here and Summer showing its face for the first time, we are all feeling hopeful and happy about the current time.
Whether you're off on holiday or sticking around to earn some pennies this Summer, a Sunday is a day we all need time to relax, so book it off work, sneak out to the garden and put your feet up - Sundays are for sharing and sipping (champs or cider - whichever you prefer).

Last week I jet off to London to enjoy Graduate Fashion Week, where the students really pulled out all the stops for another year of showing what our fashion leaders of the future have to say.
Hannah Wallace of Manchester University won the George Gold Award with her menswear 'Pluto Close' collection. A mix of space meets snow holiday. Think bubble wrap jackets and balaclavas - in total it was amazing. She was featured on Vogue, cheered on by social star, Susie Bubble and pictured on the day with Gok Wan.
See it in on her Instagram - @hwallae.hunte

Most of this week I have been slowly rolling back into work, catching up with all things Kardashian - and getting horribly addicted to the new series The Affair (if you haven't seen it already, DO, its on catch up), and hitting the shops (of course).  

Today I visited a great place local to me named, The Canteen. 
A visit 5 years ago feels like a thousand by how far this 3 story boutique cafe has come. Like most cities now, the huge chains cast a shade on those smaller, with weekly deals that have us scratching at our desks to leave for a Buy One Get One Free pizza deal. The Canteen serves fresh wraps, salads and baguettes, alongside their interesting array of smoothies all made to order. 
You immediately feel comfortable by the friendly staff that greet you in the entrance, small wooden tables with egg-like chairs spacing the three floors. Green plants mask the walls and eccentric paintings are arranged along the walls. 

The rooms are light and airy when we arrive despite the intense Sunday heat, with huge windows reaching the ceiling from the floor. We have our order taken with a waitress who follows us up the winding staircase with our food as we sip on our refreshing smoothies. The atmosphere is relaxed, as we are allowed to sit in peace with no complications or bother with not an inch of hipster music in site. I loved this place and would recomend it to anyone. 
The cue was out the door so I guess the word is out but opening soon is the option to buy 'Canteen Favourites', so a local or not, the future of food is just a click away -
The Canteen, Canterbury -

Wednesday, 27 May 2015

5 Instagrammers you need to follow

Instagram is the site to share all aspects of your life through one photo or 15 second vid. On top as number one social media site, beauty bloggers, fashion and film celebrities and even businesses are taking to Instagram to expand audiences, giving us a small insight into their world.

With Rihanna back online we get to see personally signed Dior handbags and short reveals from the new Dior campaign, to sneaky insights into a buyers meeting for the next Burberry collection. Although we may not ever be able to afford the iconic trench we get to see whose wearing it, what the brand is up to and whats to come.
For beauty lovers, 15 second videos are all we need to see how to perfectly apply liquid eyeliner or top tips for contouring (a task we still are trying to master) (See Kim K instagram...)

With over 300+ million users, Instagram is the site we all go to and here are my top 5 Insta addicts you need to follow:

- if you're not following her you're kind of crazy. Insights into backstage at the Kimye wedding, private parties and the life of the number 1 Kardashian.

- ultimate girl crush. Beaches, bikinis, fitness and food.

- whether you're a fan of the store or not, five scrolls through this page and you will be obsessed. Smart and sophisticated, fashion lovers will swarm.

- my favourite fashion blogger. Follow her as she jets around the world, shooting campaigns for numerous designers and attending the coolest parties. She's pretty cool.

- shots from the red carpet of best friends (to name only a few), Beyonce, Kendall Jenner, Justin Bieber and Jourdan Dunn, all wearing Balmain.
Prepare for lots of emojis, kisses and #BalmainArmy. - If you can't beat them, join them.